Worship Leading at Christmas

Worship leading at Christmas presents an incredible opportunity. When leading worship week by week in church, you get to minister to the same people again and again.  Hopefully you have the privilege of leading them into the presence of the Lord, but Christmas itself presents a completely different scenario.

The Opportunity of Worship Leading at Christmas

Pursuit opportunity you have a Christmas time with your worship leading is that people who are attending the service are often not the same as the ones who attend weekly.

Many people go to church at Christmas time as a special event, and this presents a unique opportunity.

Therefore, you need to choose the songs that you are leading carefully, mixing in Christmas carols that makes sense and focus on Christ rather than snow or Santa.

Also, look for opportunities to weave the Gospel message into and around the carols you choose. With so many people who don’t know the Lord in the room, you have an incredible opportunity to speak into their lives.

One method I found that works particularly well at Christmas is to encapsulate the carols and songs in and around a story. People love stories, and weaving carols in and around the story can add to the power of the words.

However, given that you often have many unchurched people in church at this time of year, if you are worship leading Christmas you must be sensitive about time. Shorter is better than longer as far as your presentation goes.

Another tip is to make sure that the carols you sing are singable! I know this sounds ridiculously simple, but many times we try to get people to sing songs that are in the wrong key more difficult to sing. If you have a beautiful song like “O Holy Night”, you may be wise are doing it as an item rather than congregational singing.

Finally, make sure you pray long and hard about your worship leading at Christmas services. The opportunities to minister to people who would never come into your church under normal circumstances are endless at this time of year.

So worship leaders, get out there and enjoy the Christmas period even though it is likely to be busy. Take every opportunity and work hard because worship leading at Christmas services could be one of the most productive things you do you will year!

About Darin

Ps Darin Browne is an international worship leader and singer/songwriter who loves teaching praise and worship leading and encouraging worship leaders around the world.