Worship Leading MistakesBefore we recorded our latest worship leader podcast, I was thinking about how often we just repeat the same worship leading mistakes.  what prompted me to think about this was that I had just bitten the inside of my mouth… Ouch.  However, the area became inflamed and swollen, and I went on to bit the exact same spot 7 times in a row!!!!

Super Ouch!!!


Sometimes We Repeat the Same Worship Leading Mistakes Too!



Like me biting my mouth over and over again, it seems we often repeat the same mistakes, even if they result in pain and hardship!  What in the world prompts us to do this?  Do we think that if we do it often enough, maybe we will get a different outcome?  According to Einstein, “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over expecting a different result.”  If we are doing things in our worship leading that do not seem to be resulting in deeper worship, maybe it is time to stop and have a good look at ourselves, and maybe even pray for wisdom!


Why We Often Repeat the Same Worship Leading Mistakes


There are several reasons why we repeat our previous mistakes, and no, it does not necessarily mean that we are actually insane.  Here’s a few that spring to mind…


1. Tradition

Sometimes we just keep doing the things we always have because that’s what we have always done!  Of that’s what our fathers, or their fathers did.  Some of our frequent worship leading mistakes are due to the inability to bring change.  What worked 50 years ago does not necessarily work today.  Yet the Word of God is unchanging and lives forever, not our man-made traditions.  Now, not all traditions are bad, please do not get me wrong on this, but some of them are at best counterproductive and at worst destructive to modern worship leading.


2. It Has Worked Before

We try it once, and things seem to work well.  We then figure that if we do the same thing every time, we force the Lord to show up.  Folks, it simply is not true!  Some of the biggest worship leading mistakes I have ever seen have been based on something that once worked, but has been done to death!


This is especially true of open worship, where as much as we want to be free and creative, we cannot help ourselves by arranging bouts of spontaneity in advance!  Be wary of thinking something will work because it did in times past.  If you try it once or twice and things don’t seem anointed, then don’t go back to do more of it hoping things will change!


3.  Habit


Habits can be good or bad, and sometimes it is really hard to kick a habit.  Sometimes our worship leading mistakes are repeated simply because we are familiar with doing things a certain way, and we lead worship almost on autopilot.


4. Panic


If things go wrong we often panic, and when we panic we often fall back on things we are familiar with, some of which may be worship leading mistakes.  We can combat this in two ways: react in a more prayerful manner, and avoid the cause of the panic by rehearsing and working harder to get things right.


Training Helps Reduce Worship Leading Mistakes


The right type of training can help to reduce those persistent worship leading mistakes.  It allows us to become more confident as we lead, and more able to handle any potential problems or difficulties.  The whole idea of worship leader training is that the techniques and tips we teach become automatic, so that if things go wrong you are able to handle the situation in a godly and capable way.


So please, don’t keep biting the inside of your mouth over and over again!  It hurts, it ulcerates and it is just plain silly!  Decide now to not be content making the same worship leading mistakes, and ask the Lord what steps you need to take to avoid them in the future.




About Darin

Ps Darin Browne is an international worship leader and singer/songwriter who loves teaching praise and worship leading and encouraging worship leaders around the world.