Worship leader tips can be a valuable asset, whether you have just started learning your ministry or whether you have been doing it for years!

The problem is that many experienced worship leaders do not want to reveal the tips, techniques and ideas that have worked for them.  However, given that we really are all on the same team, we should be open and honest about what we do that works so that we all can benefit.  With this in mind, here are this year’s Top 5 worship leader tips.


The Top 5 Worship Leader Tips for 2013

Tip 1: Choose Your Songs Carefully

I cannot emphasize this enough, because this is where many leaders go wrong… right at the very start!  One of the biggest problems is choosing songs that you know and love rather than those your congregation love.  This especially applies to new material.

Your congregation will not like a lot of new material, but they want old songs that they know and love.  Perhaps this brings back memories of wonderful times, or maybe it is simply because they can relax and worship God, rather than try to learn new words and tunes!  Whatever the reason, if you truly are a servant, don’t push your preference onto the church, but humbly serve by doing songs they love.

This does not mean you cannot do new songs, just be smart about it.  One a month is all most people can learn, so fill the rest of your time with songs they love.  Trust me, it is much easier to lead worship with better known songs, and the anointing will generally be far greater because they already know and love the songs.

Tip 2: Keep to Time

You might enjoy long worship times, but I guarantee your church doesn’t!  Avoid criticism and keep to time.  Put your senior pastor first and do not impose on his preaching time.  By keeping to time, you show respect for the pastor and the people.  Be sensitive to the Holy Spirit, and if the pastor wants you to continue longer, let him say so.  Then go as long as he permits.  If you can shorted the worship time, this is also a good idea, because most congregations are not as into your worship leading as you think they are!

Tip 3: Blend Your Songs into a Journey

Leading worship is like taking someone on a journey.  There are mountains, valleys, highs and lows, light and shade.  Don’t lead a bunch of songs butted up together, lead your congregation on a wonderful journey right to the throne of God!

To do this, you probably need to take a good look at the keys of the songs you have chosen.  Can you blend well from one song to the next?  Can you flow, gradually going up a few keys during the course of the journey?

Your people will love this type of journey much more than an unrelated series of songs!

Tip 4: Learn to Read your Audience

One of the most important worship leader tips I can suggest is a skill you must develop, and surprisingly, many worship leaders have no idea about this!  It is essential that you learn to read your audience, so you can see if they are with you or not as you worship. You can encourage them and direct them as you lead, but many worship leaders miss all the signs and just “do their thing.” Rule of thumb: if the congregation are yawning and checking their phones, it’s time to stop… and quickly!

Tip 5: Get Some Training

No matter how experienced you are, you don’t know everything.  Check websites, attend conferences, read books and ebooks like ours, and listen to CDs and DVDS, gleaning everything you can along the way.  It is worth the effort and study to improve at your God-given ministry.

In my years of leading, I have seen all sorts of ministries come and go, but the ideas and techniques we use are fairly universal.  I recommend that you take the time to study the right material, so you can supercharge your leading by incorporating the right worship leader tips into your own ministry.

About Darin

Ps Darin Browne is an international worship leader and singer/songwriter who loves teaching praise and worship leading and encouraging worship leaders around the world.