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If You are Serious About Praise and Worship Leader Training, This Could be the Answer You Have Been Praying For!

I know that you came here looking for the free books, and the link to download them is at the bottom of the page, but if you are serious about getting worship leader training, then please check out the full range of material we have…

No one likes to bomb out when leading worship! Whether you are a brand new praise and worship leader or if you are experienced but struggling to lead dynamic and inspired praise and worship in your church, I can show you how you can lead amazing worship using our exclusive worship leader training materials, all for a fraction of what you might expect to pay!

Don’t put up with dull, uninspired, “going-through-the-motions” worship times. Breathe new life into your church with our exclusive training collection… GUARANTEED!

Worship Leader Training

I get emails nearly every day from praise and worship leaders struggling to lead worship in their church. Maybe it is linking songs, poor singers, difficult musicians or bad attitudes, whatever the reason I have been told that many worship leaders feel alone, underprepared and “in over their heads”.

Look around the internet and you will not find much in the way of relevant worship leader training… until now! In fact, if you are serious about learning how to lead awesome praise and worship in your Church, inspiring your congregation and challenging your musicians and singers to greater heights in worship, then this could be one of the most exciting message you ever read…

Worship Leader TrainingWhy Have I Written This Worship Leader Training Series?

Having lead worship leader training seminars all over the world, I have now decided to release all of my training secrets in an amazing series of ebooks covering all aspects of praise and worship. The main manual, called “Worship In A Nutshell”, is a great overview full of worship leading, tips and techniques which most worship seminars fail to teach you. It is essentially a 2 day intensive seminar which usually costs $190, wrapped up into 120 pages of pure experience and practical advice, covering nearly everything you need to know about how to lead worship in your Church (and for a lot less than $190!).

“What Makes It So Special?”

It’s a Step-By-Step Instruction Manual that you don’t have to be Einstein to follow, and which you can start applying THIS VERY SUNDAY! Imaging training that you can apply instantly and that actually has a tangible effect on your worship leading the very first time you use it! It can become a “primer” for first time worship leaders, or a reference of tried and proven practical ideas for those who have been leading worship for years. It’s written in plain English and in a way you are sure to understand. It features humour, sensitivity and just a touch of craziness.


So if you like our blog and podcast, you’re going to love these training ebooks!!!!!

Take a moment to imagine being able to inspire your audience to worship at a deeper level than ever before!

Imagine people commenting that they sensed God’s power in a new and a fresh way as you lead the congregation on Sunday morning?

Imagine finishing the worship feeling satisfied knowing that it’s been a wonderful worship time and the presence of the Lord is there! That’s where you want to be, isn’t it?

Wouldn’t that be great?

Well it is achievable, and “Worship in a Nutshell” can help you do it!

Worship Leader Training

Do You Have to Play Instruments for These Techniques to Work?

No, you do not! This exclusive training teaches you to your musicians and singers to gain the best, modern and most professional sound you can imagine, EVEN IF YOU DON’T PLAY AN INSTRUMENT!

How would that feel if you could do this, not once or twice, but consistently, Sunday after Sunday, regardless of who was on your team for that morning?

So if you are tired of sitting down after the worship service knowing that it’s all gone wrong and people are looking at YOU, then maybe it’s time to do something about it!

That’s what this brand new worship leading training manual could help you to do.

What this Worship Leader Training Manual is NOT!

“Worship in a Nutshell” is not like any other Worship Manual you’ve ever read… GUARANTEED!

This is not theory, it is not Scripture after Scripture as to WHY you should worship, this collection is a practical, blow by blow praise and worship leader training manual which finally reveals the techniques, tips and creativity which can make you into the most inspirational Worship Leader your Church has ever experienced.

It’s training from the most PRACTICAL viewpoint imaginable! As a worship leader both in my own Church and in churches and Crusade meetings across the world for over 2 decades, I have had countless experiences with leaders, congregations, musicians and singers and I have poured these into this training e-book. No fluff, no padding, just the real answers you want to know laid out in an easy to understand format which you will be able to apply the very next time you lead worship.

So What’s In this Incredible Praise and Worship Leader Package?

I’m glad you asked! Here’s a sneak peak at some of the worship leader secrets you’ll discover in “Worship In A Nutshell”:

worship leader trainingHow to choose the right songs, every time!

small tickHow to arrange music and vocals to make your worship songs into masterpieces

small tickHow to join songs and created dynamic atmosphere of worship, even if you don’t play an instrument!

small tickHow to flow with the Spirit when leading worship and take individuals on a worship journey

small tickHow to engage your audience in the worship service, instead having them blankly watch you

small tickHow to organize and encourage your worship team, the dos and don’ts of leading them

small tickHow to get the best from each member of your worship team and develop their skills

small tickHow to manage your worship team, their hassles, problems, criticisms and egos

small tickHow to lead your people into higher praise and worship

small tickHow to redeem a service when things go wrong (and they will at some time!)

small tickHow to provide the speaker with the right atmosphere so their sermon is more effective

small tickHow to develop your personal life with God to increase your anointing as a worship leader
small tickand much more…

There’s also teaching on how to mix sound effectively (regardless of the size of your auditorium, the competency of your band or the standard of your equipment), how to manage rosters, song lists and multiple services and even how you can introduce new songs to the Church without upsetting your audience (and who doesn’t want to know THAT!)

OK, How Much is This Going to Cost Me?

All this information and more is covered in our 120 page worship leader training manual, “Worship in a Nutshell”. We usually sell “Worship in a Nutshell” for $37.77 as a downloadable ebook, which is great value for the amount of material it contains , but there is so much more available as part of the entire collection of worship training books and for a tiny amount more you can own the entire collection!

But I want to make this the best investment you have ever made into your ministry! You can buy each of the following ebooks in the series for $15.00 each, but by far the best value deal is to buy the entire suite of training resources for one special price. Browse the collection below and you will discover just how extensive our worship leader training is, and it will be available to you at a very special discounted price (at the bottom of the page)

Worship Leader Training

In the complete praise and worship training series we have another 12 exclusive ebooks, which you can buy separately or as part of the discounted set. These deal in greater depth with almost every issue you might face when leading worship and running a worship team. Check out the list below and ask yourself if these could possibly help you in your worship ministry…

Praise and worship leader Vocal TipsVocal Tips and Techniques

Want to improve your voice? This cool ebook can fast-track you in vocal development and help you become a better singer fast. From warm up exercises to tips on how to get the best from your vocals, you can not only improve your own singing, but also the singing ability of every member of your singing team. Why not use this training resource to run your own singing seminar, improving voice range, voice health and the overall performance of your singers.

Generation gapBridging the Generation Gap

Find out how you can use music to bridge the destructive chasm between the older generation and the young in your church. For too long music has been a sore point dividing the church, but this frank discussion will give you keys that can unite your church and make it prosper, so that both the old and the young enjoy worshiping together (and yes, it is actually possible!)

Intro New SongsIntroducing New Songs to Your Church

How can you stay cutting edge and current while not upsetting your congregation with too many new songs? There is a way that you can introduce new songs to your church without them hating it, and possibly hating you!

In a world throwing new songs constantly at worship leaders, this is a sane and wise voice which helps you stay cutting edge without upsetting or dividing your church.

Worship Leader TerroristsWorship Leading: Terrorists and Mutineers!

Have you ever had division within your worship team? Written by someone who has not only survived it but has prospered through it, this fascinating book is designed for Worship Leaders who face desertion, difficulties, non-acceptance or even open rebellion from their worship team.

Worship Team Terrorists are the guys who smile when they talk to you, seem to be doing what you ask, but are secretly undermining your authority and leadership.

Worship Team Mutineers are the guys who use email, phone and coffee shop meetings to organize a collective mutiny in the worship team.

Learn how to love them, face them, defuse them and even win their support to unify your worship team! Every worship leader needs to know these tips!

Performance or PraisePerformance or Praise?

Like it or not, we all perform and we all praise! However, this ebook explains the difference between self-glorifying performance and God-honouring performance, and teaches you how to find the right balance between the two.

Praise and Worship Leader Chord ChartThe Ultimate Chord Chart

Do you ever wonder what chord to play when you need to go up a key? Do you know which chords go together when you are playing in a certain key? You can learn all the music theory, but this simple, handy chord chart can help you in your understanding of rudimentary music principles immediately, even if you are not a musician! Gain credibility and lead your musicians more effectively during worship.

praise and worship leader songwritingSongwriting 101

Why can’t your church be producing new, inspired and Spirit led songs for your own congregation to worship with and enjoy?

This manual is invaluable for teaching the basics of song writing, song construction, rhyme, rhythm and subject matter. It won’t write and inspired song for you, but it may give you the tools to allow the Holy Spirit to birth something special in your heart.

This bonus is normally valued at $23.00, but once again it’s yours for FREE with “Worship In A Nutshell.”

Praise and worship leader AnatomyThe Anatomy Of A Song

Have you ever wondered how those top line worship leaders get their arrangements so tight? Part of it involves an intimate knowledge of the anatomy of a song, how it is put together and how you can make each part extra special for your audience.

That’s what this worship leader training ebook is about. It will help you analyze the parts of a song and show you how you can affect each part so that the entire song becomes a wonderful, inspiring experience for your listeners. Let each worship song become an adventure rather than a reproduction of the CD!

Praise and worship leader HymnsThe Story Of Hymns And Their Tunes

Have you ever been leading worship and wished you knew the origin of the hymn you were leading? Well wish no more, because this wonderful ebook can fill you in on the story behind some of the great hymns of the Christian Faith!

So next Sunday when you lead worship, why not add to the impact of the words you are singing and share the story of the hymn itself. Your congregation will be blessed and they can sing and worship with a greater knowledge and have a deeper experience of the Lord.

Praise and worship leader Sound MixWorship Sound Mixing Tips

Tired of being at the mercy of sound guys, not knowing what is going on or how to fix it? This is one worship leader training tool you can use to either help train your sound team, or use the information yourself to understand what is going on in your sound team. There are tips, tricks and information on sound mixing, written from the point of view of the worship leader, and if you apply this information you could easily improve the sound and performance of your music team.

This compliments a fantastic chapter in Worship In A Nutshell to provide an excellent basis for excellent sound mixing in your church, no matter how large or small it is, or what type of equipment you are using.

Praise and worship leader poisonsPoisons of Praise and Worship Leaders

Ouch, this one might hurt!  But it might just save your career, your family and your church!   This is absolutely essential information for anybody who is a worship leader, male or female, old or young.  It outlines the pressures and poisons that can infect you as a worship leader, ruin your team, your ministry, your family and your entire life!

Pride, Impurity, Professionalism, Professional rivalry, Position, Performance and Self Promotion.

Don’t let these poisons infect you!!  This book is brutally honest but it might just save your life, your family and your ministry.  Learn about the poisons affecting you as a worship leader, and the antidotes to stop them ruining EVERYTHING!

Why Who When Where What HowWorship Leading- The Why, Who, When, Where, What and How!

Simple, practical and concise, this little manual will challenge the reasons WHY you lead worship, but also help you to center in on some of the key issues which can hold back your worship leading experience.

Useful as a way of examining your own heart, motivations and methods, this little book could be a life-changer!

Praise and Worship Leader HymnsArranging Hymns For a Modern Church

Many of us love the words of the old hymns, but so often when they are played and sung in church they sound like funeral marches!  No wonder many of the younger church members just hate them!  Don’t put your congregation to sleep with hymns, learn how to arrange them in a modern way and reintroduce the joy of these grand old songs to a new generation!

Praise and Worship leader Small ChurchHow to Lead Great Worship in a Small Church

So you’re not at Hillsong leading worship to thousands of people, right?  Well that doesn’t mean that you can’t have fantastic worship times in your small church.  Learn how to lead worship with confidence, even when you only have a few people, and learn what to do (and what NOT to do) to make the experience of worship something special, whatever the size of your church family!

As I mentioned, you can buy any of these downloadable ebooks for $15.00 each, but by far the best way to gain the ultimate worship training collection is to get them all at our heavily discounted price, which is only available when you purchase the “Worship in a Nutshell” manual.

The extra 11 Worship Training Ebooks at $15.00 each comes to $165.00, but when you buy the “Worship in aNutshell” manual you can have

ALL the Extra 11 Ebooks for just


Add to this the free ebooks we are offering, and you get the entire “Worship in a Nutshell” Collection, including the main manual and 13 extra ebooks for a total price of just…


Worship Leader Training

This would have to be the best praise and worship training value around, covering the entire spectrum of worship leading, team leading and personal development as a worship leader! But don’t just take my word for it. Here’s what other Christian Leaders have been saying about this amazing training course…

“Worship In A Nutshell” is a comprehensive book that details everything you’ll ever need to know about who, what,when, where and how to worship (but were afraid to ask!). I highly recommend this book to anyone who desires a deep understanding of the technical, emotional and spiritual aspects of worship.

Dana Duke, Founder of PraiseAndWorshipLessons.com

Darin leads inspired worship on a level beyond any other singer or worship leader we have ever had on our Evangelistic team. He has done this in meetings from 100 up to 100,00 people, across all denominations and Churches and in many nations across Australia, Asia, Europe, Africa and the United States. I cannot recommend Darin’s worship book enough. It will change your Church worship forever!

Rev Dr. Bill Newman Evangelist Bill Newman Ministries Australia

I have know Darin and his heart for the Lord for many years, and he has inspired countless Churches across our nation to deeper worship.

Ps Welly Nevalta Kingsway Fellowship Philippines

The “Worship in a Nutshell” Series of worship leader training comes with a 100%, money back guarantee, so you can buy with complete confidence! In fact, you really can’t lose! You can only gain, and your worship leading abilities can only improve!

So why should you struggle to lead when you have the BEST WORSHIP TRAINING you need right at your finger tips, and all for a low, heavily discounted price?

This is a lifetime’s worth of experience, tips, techniques and teaching for just $47.77, and it will change your life and help you to grow into the worship leader you are destined to be!  Buy these books now, and you get the free ones as well or course!

Worship Leader Training

And, as promised, we are giving 2 very small ebooks away for FREE, as a thank you for reading this page. These will give you a bit of an idea as to what’s in our training, what you can learn in it and how you can use this information to impact your church as you lead worship. Just click on the images below to download the FREE Ebooks.

 Worship Leader TrainingPraise and Worship leader Small ChurchPraise and Worship Leader Hymns

But for those of you who are really serious about praise and worship training, click the button below and get ready to SUPERCHARGE your worship leading experience (You get the Free Books as well or course!).

Worship Leader Training