Arranging Hymns can be one of the great adventures in praise and worship leading!

This fantastic little ebook will give you practical, simple, powerful worship leading tips showing how you, as a worship leader, can integrate traditional songs and hymns into your church. It will help you arranging hymns so that they are loved and cherished by all ages, and you will discover that arranging hymns is not only exciting and fun, but it can also create unity and goodwill in your church rather than dividing it!

That’s right, arranging hymns properly can actually unite your church!

So, don’t throw the old hymns away! Read this and discover how to blend tradition and modern sound in your church. In fact, if you are leading worship in a more traditional church, you can couple this with one of our newest books, Bridging the Generation Gap and really discover how you can successfuly and even easily join the old and the young, the traditional and the modern, the hymn lovers and the latest release lovers together to strengthen your church, rather than seeing it torn apart by the music.

Arranging Hymns for a Modern Church might just hold the answers you are looking for when it comes to uniting your church in music!