Worship Leader Podcast 8: Don’t Just Reproduce the CD!

Worship leader podcast number 8 is about one of the thing which really irritates me… when worship teams work so hard to reproduce the exact sound from the CD they learned off.  I believe that we need to make each song our own in our own special way, but the panel examines both sides of the argument and draws some pretty cool conclusions, so if you are new to Worship leading this is definitely one not to be missed!


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The purpose of today’s worship leader podcast is not simply to offer worship leading tips, but we have loads of fun and share experiences as we do this. I am joined on today’s pod by the whole team and I am sure that you will get something out of it, just don’t reproduce it exactly the same way as you hear on the pod!! You should find plenty to laugh about as well as worship leader tips that you can apply straight away, starting this Sunday.

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worship leading podcast worship leader podcastAlso remember that we offer free e-books at our website. So if you are starting out and eager to learn some practical worship leader tips, between the worship leader pod and the free books you are sure to pick up information that will make you a better worship leader, starting next Sunday.

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