This worship leader podcast is one you need to listen to to examine whether you are mentoring or cloning?  Mentors encourage their team members, but cloning is simply reproducing exactly who we are in our team.  In other words, do you train others to be a slightly inferior version of yourself, or do you train others while allowing their personality to shine through… Mentoring or Cloning, get it?


Mentoring or Cloning: Which is Best?  


mentoring or cloningSome feel that when faced with the possibility of Mentoring or Cloning, that you should choose cloning.  This is where you control the one you are bringing through to such an extent that they don’t have their own input, they are just a reproduction of yourself!  The arguement is that if you reproduce exact copies of you, then the team and the chburch has consistency.  On the other side of the Mentoring or Cloning debate is true menoring, where you train people with your skills but still allow them to express their own unique personality.


Mentoring or Cloning:  The Risks


The big risk in mentoring is that your student is less controlled by you, and if you are a control freak this is a scary thing!  However, this worship leader podcast discusses the value that this type of variety brings, both for the individual, the team and also the church!   So control is a real issue when decding between mentoring and cloning.  Do you have enough faith to trust in another’s individuality?  Listen to today’s worship leader podcast and decide for yourself!   And, as always, Don’t just stop here with this Mentoring or Cloning worship leader podcast. There are so many great songs out there, and we don’t hate any of them! Take a few moments to check out the Free Ebooks with Worship Leader Podcast Tips! Remember, check the ebooks out and we will give you, entirely free of charge, some of our worship leader training books. Get the right training and you will be able to lead worship so effectively that it truly will be a wonderful journey, one that you can train and mentor others in your church into as well.  In fact, our trianing material is a brilliant way to train others in the church not into clones but into powerful worship leaders in their own right!   If you are beginning as a worship leader, start your journey with us. And if you are experienced, but still eager to learn some sensible worship leader tips,join us as well and keep learning. All of us need to keep learning and growing our skills, so it doesn’t matter if you are accomplished or not, in a small or large church, between the podcasts, the ebooks, the blog and the forum, there is going to be something for you here at, and yes, it’s all about Jesus!  And to hear the latest Worship Leader Podcast, click on on the hyperlink and turn up your computer speakers (preferably really LOUD!). You can also download the worship leader podcastfor free from itunes, or subscribe to it so you don’t miss any episode ever! So driving to work, mowing the lawn or just chilling out, let the worship leader podcast teach you and maximise the use of the time you have for the Lord!

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Mentoring or Cloning?

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