In this worship leader podcast we look at what makes a great worship song, and it is not as straight forward as you might think!  We live in an age where there are thousands of new songs coming out each week, and it is the job of the worship leader to try and figure out what is a great worship song.  Most, unfortunately, are average or below, and a few are good songs.  What we need goes beyond that… we need great songs!


What are the Hallmarks of a Great Worship Song?  

 We discussed this in the podcast at length, but in our Top 5 we explore all of the typical hallmarks of a truly great worship song.  Without giving too much away, the real acid test is that the song be simple, easy to learn, profound in its lyrics and the sort of things that you leave church humming to yourself, and then find you are still humming it over lunch, mowing the lawn or standing in line at the bank!  

Great Worship SongWhy Select a Great Worship Song?  

  With so many songs of offer, the pod team explore why you should choose a great worship song, and postulate that we should choose carefully the songs we program.  So why not do a great worship song instead of an average one?  

How Do You Find a Great Worship Song?  

  The pod came to recognize  that finding a truly great worship song from the current crop is not that easy!  So, if you are looking for these types of songs, this worship leader podcast will reveal all about finding, recognizing and selecting a great worship song.  Click on the link and have a listen, and a bit of a laugh too!

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