Podcast- Worship Leading Tips for Small Groups

It is fantastic to bring to you our first podcast, which deals with worship leading tips for small groups.  Most worship leaders do not have the opportunity to lead worship in front of thousands of people, and many start their ministries by leading worship to small groups such as home groups or house churches, so these are the worship leading tips that we will be talking about in today’s pod.

So Come and Check Out Our Worship Leading Tips!

The purpose of today’s pod is not simply to offer worship leading tips, but they have loads of fun and share experiences as we do this.  I am joined on today’s pod by Erick Buma, a fellow worship leader and great friend who has some worship leading tips to offer to listeners because he’s been leading worship since Noah was a lad … okay, maybe not that long, but he’s certainly been leading worship for a long time, and has some great worship leading tips to share.

We are also joined by a couple of crazy characters, so you should find plenty to laugh about as well as worship leading tips that you can apply straight away.

Don’t Forget the Free Books with Worship Leading Tips

worship leading tipsAlso remember that we offer free e-books at this website, and one of them deals directly with the question of leading worship in small groups.  So if you are starting out and eager to learn some practical worship leading tips, between the pod and the free books you are sure to pick up information that will make you a better worship leader, starting next Sunday.

If you haven’t got your free books yet, click the link below.  And feel free to leave comments or to e-mail us because we want to enjoy the journey together with you.  I’m sure that many of you have worship leading tips that you can share with others as well, so leaving comments on the blog will be there for everyone to read and be blessed.

Click Here for your Free Worship Leading Tips Ebooks

To start the podcast, click on the link below and let me know what you think!  So God bless and I look forward to sharing these worship leading tips with you in the coming weeks and months as well.

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