96- Answering Your Critics

Any public office in the church will have critics.  Worship leaders are no different. If you have ever lead worship, you have probably faced criticism from some party somewhere, most of whom cannot sing or play, but feel they have the right to critique your ministry.

Critics are All Around

From the senior pastor right through to the humblest member of the church, everyone faces criticism at some point.  If you are criticised for your ministry gift, for the worship, the music, the sound the presence of God or anything else, then you are not alone.

It is how you answer the critics that can really set you and your ministry apart!

The huge tendency is to fire back, especially when the criticism comes from someone who has little knowledge of what it is like to minister in worship.  However, I can guarantee you that this is not the best way to handle such a critique.  How you respond says more about you and your relationship with God than anything else, so responding in a godly and humble way is essential.

Handling these critics with godliness and humility can be challenging, but this podcast will give you some insights into how you can handle your critics in the right way.