9- Ideas to Finish a Song

Last week we looked at ideas to start a song, so in this 12 minutes for worship leaders, to round off the complete picture, we are going to examine ideas to finish a song.

Learn to Finish a Song the Right Way

When you perform a worship song, how you start and finish a song is probably the most overlooked part of your presentation. Yet if you finish a song poorly, this is the thing you leave people with, and this is something they will often remember, more than the song itself.

We practice the start and the middle of a song presentation, but often the end of it is something that just evolves, and randomly happens.  Even worse, if we plan nothing everybody tries to negotiate their way to a viable ending, and you finish with all of the musicians and singers finishing at different times.

I believe it is time we had a serious look at the way we end our songs and even the way we roll one song into the other, hopefully in a beautiful and seamless way.  And the thing is, with just a little work and perhaps a little creativity, the end of your song can become a huge feature of the song, rather than a liability.

So settle back and listen to this week’s 12 minutes for worship leaders podcast, and learn the secrets of how you can finish a song in a classy, easy and creative way.  Listen and make sure that you learn the right way to complete a song here in this week’s exciting podcast…