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85- Controlling Foldback

Controlling foldback is a constant headache for sound people, and hence for worship leaders and the entire worship team.

Controlling Foldback is Essential for Good Sound

We all recognise that, if the sound on stage is too loud or horrible sounding, this affects the way people in the congregation hear it.  It also greatly affects the way the sound person can control the sound, muddying the overall mix and giving them, constant headaches.

Controlling foldback is always an ongoing problem for almost every band.  On stage noise and the fact that it spills over to the audience is a constant battle, especially when it comes to noisy acoustic instruments like drums or guitar amps.

So we see sound people constantly begging certain members of the team, notably the electric guitarists, to turn down!  And how difficult this it for a drummer to turn down to minimise the amount of foldback spill coming off the stage?

Part of the trouble is not just that electric guitarists are mostly deaf, it is that you have to turn amps up loud to get a valve distortion effect, adding much mud to the foldback mix!

So we thought we would do a quick 12-minute pod about how you as a worship leader can communicate with your sound guys and control one of the most difficult aspects of sound you will face, especially in a small church.

And trust me, if you can control the foldback properly, then you have an excellent chance of producing a balanced, easy to listen to mix for the entire church service.  In fact many would say that controlling foldback is the key to a good mix.

Tune in today and check it out!

Image by dmaland0 from Pixabay

By Darin

Ps Darin Browne is an international worship leader and singer/songwriter who loves teaching praise and worship leading and encouraging worship leaders around the world.