82- How to Take Care of Your Voice

If you need to learn how to take care of your voice, this is 12 minutes that will give you great and practical suggestions, and have fun while they are doing it!!!

It’s Your Instrument, Take Care of Your Voice!

So many worship leaders sing, even when they are causing damage to their voices, and with a few simple steps we can show you secrets to caring for and enhancing your voice/

After all, your voice is your instrument if you are a singer.  Most guitarists take care of their guitars, putting new strings on it, etc., but I find a lot of singers fail to take care of their voice.

And trust me, there are long term benefits to having a good voice well cared for and nurtured.  Abusing your voice is like abusing your body… you might get away with it for a time, but pretty soon you’re going to face some dire consequences.

And there are also immediate value from being kind to your throat. If you treat your vocal cords well, with a bit of love and respect, then you can often increase the range of your notes, the clarity, and the strength of your voice.

Trouble is, no one really talks about how they care for their throat!  Given they the vocal cords are muscles, we should be working them, stretching them and lumbering them up before we sing.

So learn how to take care of your voice, both now and long into the future!

Image by SeppH from Pixabay