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81- Signs of Burnout for a Worship Leader

Burnout is a very real and very common result of overwork and overstress, and worship leaders are right at the top of the pile of those in the church who experience it.

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What is burnout?

Burnout occurs when you push and push and exhaust yourself to the point of collapse. It could be a spiritual collapse or a mental one, but it often is a physical one as well.

Now some of you reading this will have no idea what burnout is, and if that is you then God bless you, you’re on top of it.

But some of you will definitely relate to burnout as a phenomenon, and some of you will feel like you are sliding slow but surely into the abyss!  We produced this podcast to save you a lot of problems, and heartache because as someone who has experienced burnout, and knowing someone who has completely collapsed under burnout, I can assure you it is something you definitely want to avoid!

And that’s the thing, this condition happens to people who are serving, who are dedicated, and who are living sacrificially for their Lord, and their ministry. It is also slow and insidious, so it is often not something you see coming!  It is a slow burn into the condition and a slow recovery.

Honestly, dedicated hard-working worship leaders are prime candidates for this life-destroying condition, and it is their very dedication which drives them to ignore the early signs and keep going into a disaster.  Recognising the signs is only part of the solution because you then have to be brave enough to say no and step back for a time to recover.

Listen to this podcast to discover the causes and the cures, so you don’t have to experience the dark days many of us have had to live through!

By Darin

Ps Darin Browne is an international worship leader and singer/songwriter who loves teaching praise and worship leading and encouraging worship leaders around the world.