8- Ideas to Start a Song

This is a great 12 minutes that you can take and apply immediately in your worship ministry… great ideas to start a song.

We All Need Ideas to Start a Song

The beginning of the song is such an important part of your worship leading because if you mess this up, you can lose people’s confidence even before you start.

And let’s face it… we spend so much time rehearsing the body of the song, that often we forget to concentrate on the incredibly important start and finish to the number!  We also overlook the fact that the beginning of a song also provides an incredible opportunity to try new and creative things. Just because Hillsong did it a certain way on their last album, does not mean that that is theirs is the only ideas to start a song.

In fact, as you launch into a song, you can give every song your own flavour, and surprise people (in a good way, not a “Man, that was horrible” way). There’s the slow and atmospheric approach, or the big beat approach, or even the full 4 part harmony vocal idea… all of these are valid, and trust me, creating new and stunning arrangements as the song begins is one of the great joys of leading worship in church.

So have a listen and be inspired to make each and every start if a worship songs something special, anointed and attractive to your listeners!

So join us for this phenomenal podcast and great some awesome ideas to start a song in just 12 minutes…

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