78- Less is More in Your Worship Leading

The old saying “less is more” has often been applied to music or art, and it is particularly important when it comes to worship leading.

Less is More

As musicians and singers, we are tempted to fill every single gap with sound!  However, the best are often the ones who leave space and gaps in their production.

I remember the first recording I ever made myself.  I have this excellent brass riff, and I played it every chance I could throughout the song.

My producer at the time said, “Hey that’s a great brass riff.  I have just two requests.  Number one, cut it in half.”

“OK, and what’s your second request?” I replied.

He said, “Now cut it in half again!”  I got it!  Nice riff, but way too much of it.  Less is more… which I understood more or less, but I had to be reminded of it!

If I have to choose one problem I heard in worship teams around the world it would be overplaying.  So we wanted to produce a podcast with this in mind, to give you some hints on how you can play great attractive and meaningful worship by playing less.  And the same applies to singing.  Holding longer notes, leaving space and pauses can accelerate your singing into new heights!

So this podcast is about how you can make less instruments, less playing and less singing into a huge more, a massive plus for your worship.  In this post COVID world, it will help you celebrate the fact that you have less people on your team, and quite possibly find yourself making a better sound and a better, more powerful worship experience than ever before!