73- Dealing with Rebellion in Your Worship Team

Rebellion in your worship team is never an easy thing, but no matter who you are or what size your church or worship team, rebellion is often lurking just on the fringes.


Therefore Dealing with Rebellion in Your Worship Team is Important!

One of the trends we are noticing post-COVID is the independent spirit that seems to have infected much of the church.

Whether it’s staying away and watching YouTube clips instead of attending church, or whether it’s thinking they can do better than you, rebellion is sadly something more and more worship pastors are encountering.

And please, don’t ignore signs of rebellion in the team until they are so huge you have a church split on your hands!  Rebellion starts small, with a comment here, and opinion there and then like-minded, usually disgruntled people start to gather together.

And that’s when it starts to gain momentum.  If you can recognise the early symptoms, and take decisive and appropriate actions, then you can avert a terrible and catastrophic end result.

Rebellion in your worship team starts with people being dissatisfied with you and your performance or decisions. It is so easy to make a decision, and before you know it team members are nattering to each other, and dissent begins to spread.

This podcast was designed to speak into those situations, either early in the piece or once the rebellion has gained some traction. And as I said before, the current extraordinary environment really breeds discontent, and in our case, poeple watching clips on the internet then asking, why isn’t our worship team, doping that?

So if you are finding that you have some kind of rebellion on your hands, either big or small, listen to this podcast and let’s deal with said rebellion in a loving, caring but strong way…