7- Finishing a Church Service Well

Finishing a church service is an important part of being a successful worship leader.

Finishing a Church Service Well Can Transform your Worship Leading Ministry!

However, this is one of the most neglected areas of our ministry. We do so much preparation for the worship time, for the main areas of worship in the situation, that we often completely neglect what should be the most important area of the church service.

Think about it… how long do you take to prepare for your ministry on a Sunday?  Consider practice, your personal quiet times, rehearsals before the service, etc.  Now, honestly, how long do you take to prepare for the end of the service.  Are you finishing a church service with incredible anointing and sensitivity, or is it something like, “OK, we’re done, let’s get some coffee!”

From a pastor’s point of view, the end of the service is often the most important part of the church service.  If the pastor has preached their heart out and challenged the people, there may be a time of reflection or even a response to the message, and this needs to be carefully and prayerfully woven around your worship ministry.

Your music, your ministry is an integral part of the service climax.  People have heard the Word of God, they are thinking it through, perhaps souls are hanging in the balance, and you have the opportunity to be part of something great, something eternal.  Finishing a church service is not simply about wrapping things up in a professional way, it is a chance for you to leave a deposit in people’s lives, and to be a part of potentially an eternal event in the lives of those listening.

For this reason, we need to be careful about what songs or songs we sing, and how we sing it.  We need to consider our volume, especially if people at the front are being prayed for.  We also have to consider what note we will be sending people forth on.  Do we pull the atmosphere into a gentle and thoughtful end, or do we have people leaving on a high, praising and honouring God as they worship?

Make the end of your service extra special by listening to this 12 minute podcast…