61- Things to Do in Isolation

Isolation… most of the known world is going through it right now, thanks to some virus that is afflicting mankind, so we thought we would do something crazy like discuss what you can do during the COVID 19 crisis.

So what can you do when you are in isolation due to COVID 19?

We thought we would have a bit of fun and look at things you can do while in isolation.  Obviously sitting watching Netflix and eating chocolate is not the best use of your time while isolated, right?  That would never lead to a flattening of the curve you know!

So we are turning the tables on lockdown, and giving you the top 5 things to do while in isolation, as long as you socially distance yourself of course.  And we do it all in just 12 action-packed, socially distanced minutes.

So use the time you have for things that in the long run really matter, and don’t waste all of your time watching the reruns of TV shows you don’t even really care about. The Kardashians can survive without you, and you are better off investing in things that have long-lasting value, both in our world and in eternity to come!

Here Downunder, for example, I have done a variety of things in lockdown, from planting a veggie patch to recording a new album, featuring a song about the coronavirus and the climate of fear it has produced among those who are lacking hope across the world.

I can’t solve all your problems, but we thought a bit of fun and a few useful suggestions would be in order for those still in isolation. Tune in, get some fun ideas, and have a few laughs along the way…