50- Music for All Age Groups

Worship should be music for all age groups, but often in the church we find one age group and their preferences dominant the style of worship.

Sometimes the older generation sets the agenda, and the songs are hymns and ancient worship songs that have history and memories for those people. At other times, the youth take over and all the songs are upbeat, loud and in the style kids love but older ones hate.

Worship should have music for all age groups!


In this pod we explore ways you can make your church worship acceptable right across the age spectrum, using instruments and arrangements that appeal to most of not all the generations you have in your church.

If church is to be welcoming and inclusive, we need music for all age groups rather than one specific age genre in our worship!  Yet as I travel, I see so many churches catering to one specific genre, be it youth or hymns or something else.

So yes, you do need to stop and have a look at your congregation and discover what kind of age distribution you have attending.  Yes you have to cater for the various groups in some way.

Music can be used as a tool for unity rather than disunity, but the reports I receive from so many people in churches are that the music divides rather than unites them as a church, and as a church family.

In this podcast we have a look at some simple things you can do to broaden the appeal of the music you play in worship.  The various generations have preferences, and you might think that these will never connect or overlap, but if you arrange and produce certain styles you will discover that you can marry the various age groups together.

So wherever your church is at right now, this is an important podcast because we all want to see unity and joy in our worship, not exclusivity and tension, right?