Choose worship songs wisely, and you can see powerful worship every time you lead.  Choose songs poorly, and you will see worship struggle or even flop!  Song selection for your church service is all important, and there are a number of criteria to consider when you choose worship songs.

How to Choose Worship Songs Wisely

When we lead worship we want to see our people worshipping the Lord freely and in power, but to do this we must choose the songs that work.  And how do you know which ones will work?  Well, that’s the content in today’s very important 12 Minutes for Worship Leaders podcast.

Many worship leaders feel confused and even stressed when it comes to selecting the songs for the service they are leading.  We do not want to be too progressive, but then we do not want to be seen as old fashioned or regressive either.  We might love certain songs, but does that mean that everyone else in the church does too?

When leading it is tempting to choose songs that we like, that perhaps we feel comfortable with, but if your congregation doesn’t know them or doesn’t like them, you have a problem on your hands!  One of the most common and critical errors I see worship leaders make is choosing the wrong songs, and especially choosing worship songs based on what they like, or what the band likes, or what has just been played at the latest conference you attended.

If you do choose your songs unwisely, then there is a massive chance that your worship leading will fall flat.  This is why we have a worship academy, to teach these simple but effective principles which will be the difference between leading a few songs and leading your entire congregation into the very presence of God.

Trust me, the stakes are high for this one!

In this 12 minute for Worship Leaders Pod, we look at how you can choose songs that work every time, so every worship leader should listen to this…

About Darin

Ps Darin Browne is an international worship leader and singer/songwriter who loves teaching praise and worship leading and encouraging worship leaders around the world.