40- Raising Leaders

Raising leaders is one of the great challenges in any leadership, especially in worship.

Raising Leaders is What True Leaders Do!

There is a huge tendency for leaders to just do everything themselves.  They know how it should be done, they can do it, there is little risk in the short term and everything looks rosy.

The problem is that that is not leadership!  If you are not raising leaders you are failing as a leader, even if worship seems to be going OK.

If you are not training leaders and giving them the chance to improve in their ministry, what happens if you get sick or travel away?  Your church will suffer if you insist on being the only trained leader, and your leadership will be questioned because you are not producing the fruit that real leaders produce… Other leaders, trained and ready to go!

I know some worship leaders feel that they are not qualified to train and equip others for the position, but if you are called and in the job, you are automatically qualified.  Some don’t want to bring leaders up because they are afraid the trainee will be better than them.  However, true leaders know if you raise others who are better, you yourself are also lifted up.  Training and equipping leaders is a win-win situation.

So we wanted to do a special podcast on raising leaders, and how you can have the incredible satisfaction of reproducing your ministry in the lives of others.  Take 12 minutes and listen to this to become a better leader, and watch how the Lord uses you to make an incredible impact and leave an amazing legacy because you took the time to train, equip and pour your life into raising leaders…

About Darin

Ps Darin Browne is an international worship leader and singer/songwriter who loves teaching praise and worship leading and encouraging worship leaders around the world.