39- Worship and Performance

Worship and Performance is a balance we all need to strike as worship leaders.  In truth, none of us claim to be about performance, but we really are performing when you think about it (please don’t get offended).

Worship and Performance are Both Needed

However, we all should agree that performance is not the most important part of what we do, because worship is far more important. So how do we strike a balance between worship and performance?

Perhaps the first step is to realise we do both, like it or not.  When your pastor preaches, there is an element of performance, so there is nothing wrong with acknowledging this.  Great preachers and great performers generally, and the same can be said of great worship leaders!

So while we do not major on performing, we still should recognise that we do perform, and we can use and even improve our performance skills if we need to.  We don’t major on our clothes either, but we still generally dress neatly and nicely.

So the essence here is one of balance.  Some worship leaders go right over the top and perform like rock stars, and I believe that is not only counterproductive but it is almost offensive!  God is not impressed with a big show, He wants genuine worship.  Other worship leaders are so concerned about worshipping and not performing that they are painful to watch and listen to.

Surely balance is the way to go, and somewhere between the two extremes serve both worship and performance well

Listen to this 12 minutes for worship leaders podcast and discover how you can find the right balance between worship and performance, and I would encourage you to seek the Lord as to what this balance looks like for you in your church and in your ministry.

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Ps Darin Browne is an international worship leader and singer/songwriter who loves teaching praise and worship leading and encouraging worship leaders around the world.