Communion is something most churches love to do.  It is a command of Scripture, but it is also a great time to contemplate and worship the Lord, both individually and as a body.

Communion is a Part of Worship

While many churches perform communion differently, with different traditions and ways in which the rituals are performed, we all agree that it is important as an act of worship.  When Jesus said, “Do this in remembrance of Me,” He was not thinking of the church traditions that were to form in and around this act, but rather He was talking about a heartfelt act of worship and submission, and a relationship that requires intimacy to flourish.

There is much debate about the frequency of communion, with some churches having it every week, some once a month and others only once a year.  Who is right and who is wrong?  That’s the thing, no one has everything totally right, so there is room for church tradition to come into play here.

No matter how communion is done or how often, it should always be an act of worship, and that’s where you as a worship leader has something special to offer!

Many churches separate communion from other areas of the morning, but we have found that this leads to a very disjointed service, and also affects the preparation of the heart that people go through as they approach it. This is why we strongly suggest that you incorporate it into your worship set, not separate it out.

When you make communion part of your worship set, it becomes easy for the speaker to role into the bread and wine seamlessly from worship, and this means that people’s hearts are already centred on Christ and worship from the start.

This podcast looks at the ways you can make your communion time even more special by including it as part of your worship time…

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