Sexual immorality is always a temptation for any Christian, but especially so in a worship team.

Sexual Immorality Will Destroy Your Ministry!

In a worship team there is a special bond between members, which centres around music, love of music and the joy of being able to lead people into the presence of the Lord.

But sometimes people get too close. This is a clear and present danger, and every worship leader should be aware and have plans in place to head off any potential sexual immorality in their worship team.

And please, don’t think for a moment it could never happen to you, because it simply could, in any worship team, anywhere.  And the enemy would like nothing better than to ruin your ministry, and the church, using sexual attraction as a tool.  And be aware, this may not necessarily by a full blown affair, although many times it heads that way, but we should include flirting, the way people sing, play and interact, and just about any form of contact that could result in poor choices with regards behaviour and attraction.

This problem is a constant pressure in most praise and worship teams.  You sing together, share music together, and most often your spouse does not share the same passion for music and worship.  They cannot understand the joys and the bond that sharing worship together brings, and so you are drawn to someone in your team and, if you are not careful, drawn away from your partner at home.

There are many things we can do to put barriers in place, against this moving to a sad and devastating conclusion, and that is what the guys are prepared to openly and frankly discuss with you.

So we thought we would produce a special, no holes barred podcast helping worship leaders defuse one of the most devastating and destructive situations you could ever have in your worship leading

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Ps Darin Browne is an international worship leader and singer/songwriter who loves teaching praise and worship leading and encouraging worship leaders around the world.

2 Responses to “34- Dealing with Sexual Immorality in the Worship Team”

  1. Beverly

    Something you didn’t touch on is when someone on your team is living with a girlfriend or boyfriend. This has come up a few times when talented musicians join a team but are not surrendered to the Lord. We must realize everyone on that team is a worship leader and should set an example. Fortunately the last situation I knew about resolved itself- but not in the way that pleased God. ( He left the team and church). Sometimes church leaders want the “best” musicians, but don’t take into account they may not even be believers. It’s better to have a strong Christian with the right heart and desire to improve than a gifted musician who doesn’t know Jesus or even want to.

    • Darin

      Beverly, you are right. Compromising integrity for talent is not going to be a good idea, and it is not going to please the Lord. In my church, I simply will not have anyone living in that situation on my leadership team. They are welcome in church, but cannot be a leader. Other pastors might think differently, but I believe in integrity before talent.


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