Worship practice is often dull, boring and charged with high emotion and frustration.

But Worship Practice Can be Fun!

I’ve been in some practices where the tension in the room is so extreme you can cut it with a knife, and I’ve also seen the opposite, where you worship practice is fun, enjoyable and productive.

So why are some of the practices fun and others tense and explosive?  Well, as a worship leader, you can set the tone of your worship practice.  That’s right, you can either have everyone hate your practicing or make it the best night of the week for your entire team.

This podcast is a frank and revealing discussion between Erick and Darin, veterans of countless hours of worship practicing.   They have been on the receiving end of some boring and tense practices, but we have been on the delivery end of some fun and exciting practice sessions.  In this podcast, they reveal ways that you can make your average practice into one that is not only fun but also productive and leaving your team fulfilled at the end.

Practice can be going over the same songs week after week, or you can teach, train and lead your team.  In the end, your team members will love not only having fun at practice but also learning and growing in their craft.  Nothing beats improving and getting better at what you love doing, and your team will love practices that stretch them, without breaking their wills.

So grab a coffee or tea, kick back and enjoy exploring the ideas of making your practice fun, productive and something your team will come back for every week with a smile on their faces!  If you make your worship practice fun and productive, you will find your team receptive and totally on your side in all aspects of your ministry…


About Darin

Ps Darin Browne is an international worship leader and singer/songwriter who loves teaching praise and worship leading and encouraging worship leaders around the world.