322- Worship Leading for an Altar Call

An altar call should be an important, even a pivotal part of your Sunday church service.

Worship Leading Sets the Mood for an Altar Call

OK, some churches do not have actual altar calls, but many times the pastor challenges the people to respond in some way.

Whether your pastor is challenging people to come forward for prayer, or whether they fill out cards, these are the crunch time for any church service. Worship leading plays a key role because it not only provides the background music and ambiance, but it can also spearhead what the pastor is saying, cutting straight to the heart of the listeners.

In this podcast, we talk about how important music is in any challenges during the church service, and we also look at the altar call itself, what you must do, what you must never do, and how you can serve your pastor to enhance his or her ministry.

In the usual altar call, the preacher challenges people about a particular topic and then asks them to respond, often (but not always) by bringing them forward. If this happens, your worship team is right in the middle, and your contribution can make all the difference.

Altar call ministry is something you need to get right every single time.  If you do something wrong, you can cause people who are thinking deeply about the things of God to stop doing so.  In fact, and this is not overexaggerating, your music may be responsible for bringing souls into the Kingdom, or (heaven forbid) driving them away from an eternity with Christ.

So please, worship leaders, listen to today’s podcast with fear and trembling but also excitement.  I have been a worship leader for a famous evangelist for more than 25 years, and I have seen God do absolutely amazing things in the altar call.  What a privilege to know that my music, worship leading and ministry has been a part of something big and etrnal in the life of someone I don’t even know!

So listen to this podcast and let’s ask the Lord to use us and our worship leading ministry to challenge the people in our churches…


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