One of the constant desires of most singers is to be able to hit the high notes.

Hit the High Notes with Confidence!

Let’s face it, the high notes are what seem most impressive, and also as singers what makes us feel great.  High notes lift our spirits, and we often go up a key and find the worship atmosphere goes up a key also.

But sometimes we are not confident enough to hit the high notes with impunity. There is always an element of risk the higher you sing, so we thought a podcast revealing the secrets of exactly how you can hit the high notes as a singer was in order, and something that every singer, be they good, bad or average, would benefit from.

So this is an instructive podcast, where Darin and Erick will actually step you through how you can hit the high notes again and again with confidence.  We also talk about how you can change your voice over time, gently and safely raising the highest note you can pitch.  In fact, Darin can attest to molding his voice into a tenor doing exactly the things we talk about here!

So if you are a singer and you want to hit the high notes, don’t just tighten your belt or stamp on your foot hard to cause pain, learn the right techniques and start to get those notes you have always dreamed of getting in your worship leading!  Who knows, you might even break a few windows with your high pitched singing (and is that even possible???).  You certainly will inspire a few people if you can reach higher when you sing and if you can lift the worship at the same time.

Importantly, we will be teaching you how to hit the high notes without straining your voice, and this is incredibly important if you are to sing for any length of time. So we will teach you to sing and hit these notes, not screech and scream to try and attain the high notes!

If you have always wanted to hit the high notes without straining your voice or risking the dreaded “voice break”, then check out this free podcast now…


About Darin

Ps Darin Browne is an international worship leader and singer/songwriter who loves teaching praise and worship leading and encouraging worship leaders around the world.

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