So you’re leading worship in church, and you want to display godly leadership in your worship. As a leader, you will face many pressures from those above and beneath you in the hierarchy, so the question becomes, “What does godly leadership actually look like?”

Godly Leadership is Powerful

This podcast examines what godly leadership actually is, and how we can as leaders become more godly in everything we do. The servant leadership that Christ talked about in Mark 10 comes to the fore, and we can take this humble yet powerful model into the way we lead our worship team.

The way we lead our team is going to either shine for Jesus, or become a way we attempt to control other people. I recommend the shining over the control, and we talk about how we try and exert influence over our team, while still maintaining the creative elements in our team members.  And make no mistake, you cannot control others and release them at the same time.

But here is the blessing.  As we inspire our team members and allow them to be creative and to reach their full potential in their gifting, we are not only showing godly leadership, we also earn a loyalty that will see them want to please us by doing what we want.  In essence, we can learn not to control them but to release and inspire them, and we tend to get things the way we want anyway.

Honestly, some worship leaders need a little mustache and a swastika armband, because within the realm of their worship portfolio they just want to be dictators.  Let that be none of us!

Listen to this podcast and learn how you can show godly leadership to your team and your church… leadership that inspires, challenges, trains, and releases others to become all that the Lord has destined them to be.

If you lead worship, don’t miss this exciting podcast…

About Darin

Ps Darin Browne is an international worship leader and singer/songwriter who loves teaching praise and worship leading and encouraging worship leaders around the world.

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