Does age matter in Worship Leading? Older worship leaders would say no, but younger ones would say, or at least imply a firm yes!

So Does Age Matter in Worship Leading?

Our modern culture celebrates youth and often mistreats age, unlike many cultures around the world where age is respected and celebrated.

Especially when it comes to music or anything to do with worship leading?

Now please understand, I am all for bringing younger worship leaders through and training and encouraging them.  That’s the reason we started the Worship Leader Academy… so that we could train worship leaders and bring years of experience to them, and save them from making the mistakes we have made in the past.

Does age matter when it comes to worshipping the Lord?  Of course, it doesn’t!  Here’s a news flash for all of us, young and old…. we will all join together and worship the Lord in Heaven forever. In that day, does age matter for worship?  Definitely not, because we will all be in our prime of life forever with the Lord, worshipping constantly and enjoying His presence forever!

So does age matter to the Lord?  I don’t believe so, I mean look at the likes of Caleb, Joshua, and Moses.  Clearly, He loves and uses aged as well as young people.

Does age matter for musicians? Again I would say no because some of the greatest musicians and singers of all time are now old and still celebrated.  I just saw a 70-year-old Paul McCartney perform wonderfully, so I don’t even think the secular world is as obsessed with age as some Christian churches.

So, does age matter in worship leading?  Well, listen to today’s podcast and decide for yourself, but we would argue that age can add something wonderful and powerful to worship leading and that the experiences and wisdom of aged worship leaders is a valid and important thing to bring to the team!







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Ps Darin Browne is an international worship leader and singer/songwriter who loves teaching praise and worship leading and encouraging worship leaders around the world.

2 Responses to “306- Does Age Matter in Worship Leading”

  1. Beverly Holliday

    I am 56, and a female… two strikes against me in the worship leading world. God blessed me with a place to lead in my church on Sunday nights. Those who lead with me are also over 40, and one is in his 60s. We sing lots of the “newer” songs and not many hymns. I usually do at least one older song people will know. It’s a small group that comes out on Sunday nights for worship and Bible study, but it’s perfect for me. By the way, I didn’t start “leading” until 4 years ago and started playing guitar 6 years ago! You are NEVER too old and it’s never too late. I spent time in a choir (before there even were any praise teams) and learned all the old hymns. I also watched as people like Amy Grant, Rich Mullins, Steven Curtis Chapman, Michael W. Smith and others changed the way we worship and use music in our churches. That is a wonderful thing to have lived through and our young worship leaders don’t have that.
    Our church has hired young worship leaders and they usually use younger people to be up front singing. It’s great for them and to see them share their hearts for God. I believe it also keeps them accountable and sets an example for other young people.
    Our church has an average age of 40-45. We have a lot of young families but also older folks too. I have heard some say they like the younger leader and some say “ it’s too loud “ or “I didn’t know any of the songs”. I agree totally that we HAVE to sing some of the older songs.

    • Darin


      You are absolutely right, and I think many of us older worship leaders bring something special to the team. So great to hear that you are leading, and whether you are young or old, you still can lead people in worship in a unique way that is your style, not trying to emulate anybody else. Half the battle is doing songs people know and love because they are not trying to read the words but can lose themselves in worship. If your church has a mixture of ages, this should be reflected on the stage too, with a mixture of ages there too. So, keep learning guitar and worship leading, and keep trusting the Lord. at 56, you are not over the hill at all, and we have an eternity of worship to look forward to!


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