304- Intimate Worship

Intimate worship is the essence of real worship, when your spirit connects with the Spirit of the Lord in an intimate and close way.

Why Intimate Worship?

When we talk of worship being intimate, we are reminded of the type of relationship we should have with the Lord.  Paul equates marriage with Christ and the church, and the implication here is that we should be as intimate with our Lord and in our worship of Him as a husband and wife are close.=

So much of what we call worship today is big and brassy, but in this special podcast we examine the often overlooked intimacy of true worship, where the world fades away and it is just you and the “Audience of One!”

True intimate worship is not about noise, not about laser lights and smoke machines, but rather is about a close relationship between you and the Lord.  If you as a worship leader can achieve a closer level of intimacy in your worship, then the opportunities for you to lead your worship team and your church into intimate worship is much higher.

And we all should want this kind of relationship.  We all should be striving for and reaching for a level of closeness that joins our hearts with God, where we forget about the performance, we forget about the chords and notes and we concentrate completely and exclusively on the Spirit of God.

And when you discover this level of intimacy, you will never want to worship any other way.  For worship leaders, the closeness and intensity of your worship will cause others in the church to want to follow you, and bring your entire congregation to a new and vibrant place in their worship.  And that, of course, is our job as worship leaders… to lead our people to the most intimate, most vibrant and most holy place of worship, deeper than they have even gone with the Lord.

This is a special pod for those who truly want to go deeper with the Lord…

About Darin

Ps Darin Browne is an international worship leader and singer/songwriter who loves teaching praise and worship leading and encouraging worship leaders around the world.

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