Worship Leader Podcast

303- Mic and Voice Control in Worship Leading

Mic and voice control in worship leading is essential for leading really powerful worship in church if you have amplification.

Mic and Voice Control is Easy When You Know How!

Many people freeze when they hold a microphone or when they stand before one.  Yet this simple tool can be a great ally when it comes to leading worship, especially if you know how to use the mic correctly.

Every singer who leads worship or sings in the worship team needs to listen to this podcast. The tips and techniques revealed in this show can be applied right now and improve the sound and structure of the whole team, and also make the sound guy or girl’s job a lot easier!

singing with a microphoneMany times singers do not see their singing as an instrument, and so they just belt our every song at full volume, with little shape to their vocals, and no “light and shade”.  Yet vocals are not just another instrument, they are in fact the ultimate instrument, and vocalists should be able to use their singing in a way that adds tremendous power and presence tot he entire worship.

And the crazy thing is that the techniques needed to control both your voice and the microphone are not that difficult to master. You see them every time you watch a youtube clip of singing or worship, and so in this pod Darin and Erick go through how they use their voices and the microphone to good effect.  These mic and voice control tips and techniques have taken a lifetime to learn and master, but they managed to boil it all down to a half hour of fun and great ideas!

So if you want your vocals to improve, and if you want the team’s vocals to improve, listen to this podcast and learn how to use microphones, how to hold them, and above all, how to use your voice control to great effect when constructing and leading worship songs.

Check it out now and supercharge your vocals!