Worship leaders, learning how to mix sound well stands you in great shape to talk to sound people, and obtain the sound you want.

Learning How to Mix Sound Makes a Difference!

Learning how to mix sound puts you in a position where you can communicate with the sound people, and thereby obtain the sound mix that you want.  Rather than being at the mercy of sound folk, I find it is very helpful to talk to them about how I want the sound to change.  This enables us to work together to produce the best sound mix possible, and this in turn can make an incredible difference in the atmosphere of worship.

Learning how to mix sound is not that hard, as this special worship leader primer for sound mixing will show you.

These ideas are incredible and can make the difference between having a sensational sound and anointed worship and having everybody over the age of 55 complaining about the noise!

And who wants that!!!

In this pod we explore equalisation, panning, volume, and discuss banded EQs and sweepable mids.  Look, I know that might sound a bit daunting, but when Erik and Darin explain it, it is easy to understand, and easy to implement, starting this Sunday.

Simple principles that are explained here in this podcast can give you a rudimentary knowledge of sound mixing, and allow you to take control of the sound situation, for the good of all concerned.  So come on, tune in and learn how to make a difference in your sound, how to talk to and understand what the sound people are saying, and discover how to mix sound effectively, thoughtfully and sensibly.

The mixing primer is ready to go this week on the incredible, practical and loads of fun worship leader podcast!

About Darin

Ps Darin Browne is an international worship leader and singer/songwriter who loves teaching praise and worship leading and encouraging worship leaders around the world.