30- Sound Mixing Disasters

Sound mixing disasters are a clear and danger when worship leading, so this 12 minutes, we want to look at how you can quickly and effectively deal with sound, and the possible disasters you might face.

Sound Mixing Disasters can Ruin Your Whole Day!

Any time you deal with sound gear, there is always a possibility that something could go wrong.  You know what I mean… those annoying buzzes, clicks, pops and the dreaded earth loop, that low drone that can ruin everything!

Now some of these problems are due to aging gear, so keeping your sound gear in tip-top shape can minimise the problems.  If you do run into problems, diagnosing what the issue is, a lead, the desk, a particular instrument, is often a long, involved and very frustrating exercise!

Some sound issues are due to “operator error,” and these can be a cause of much distress, panic, and bad blood in the worship team.  If your sound tech is inexperienced, or if they panic, then once again sound can become an unmitigated disaster.  This is also true of the sound guys who are perpetual fiddlers… trust me, I could write a book on the times I’ve had to deal with these guys!

So how do you deal with these sound mixing disasters effectively, kindly and in a way that keeps everyone happy, but still produces excellent results? How do you do so without upsetting, discouraging or making an enemy of the sound person.  And trust me, you want your sound team onside, not as an enemy.  Remember, these guys can make your worship leading, or destroy it, so be nice, be patient and be godly in all your dealings with them, no matter how frustrated you become!


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