Learning how to build a worship team is all part of the position of being a worship leader. Yet so often worship leaders are chosen because they sing or play well, not because they have any leadership abilities. So when they start to build a worship team, they run into inevitable problems and hassles which go way beyond singing or playing.

You Need to Build a Worship Team

That’s why it is important for all worship leaders, regardless of how great they may sing or play an instrument, to train themselves in the skills they need to build a worship team.  Leaders need to be not only good at leading worship, but organizing, directing, inspiring and training becomes essential.  If you do this effectively, you can build a team that becomes the “Dream Team” for worship leadership in your church!

In this podcast, we look at one of the greatest and inspirational team leaders to ever step up, King David.  Darin draws great teaching from the way in which King David inspired and created his own Dream Team, without becoming a control freak or an overbearing micromanager.

You Can Build a Worship Team that Inspires Your Church!

If you learn the right principles, and if you diligently apply them, you can build an incredible worship team that inspires your church and moves the entire church forward.  You can have a team that loves an supports you, is 100% behind you and is also full of creativity and encouragement for every member of the team.

These principles actually work guys, so step up and become the worship leader you are destined to become by learning how to build a worship team that inspires, builds and lasts for years!

In this quick and simple podcast you can learn how to create your own Dream Team as you discover how to build a worship team that becomes truly great for you and for the entire church!


About Darin

Ps Darin Browne is an international worship leader and singer/songwriter who loves teaching praise and worship leading and encouraging worship leaders around the world.

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