Your worship leading is about leading the people into worship, but does your worship leading actually go anywhere?

So Where Does Your Worship Leading Lead Them?

OK, this is not a trick question it’s a genuine attempt to challenge you on where you are leading your congregation when you are the person directing the worship.  Is worship a series of stop-start songs, unrelated and used as a punctuation between items in the service?  Or are you able to take your people on a genuine and special journey from where they walking into the auditorium right through to the very presence of the Lord?

So where exactly are you leading your congregation when you are worship leading, and just as important, do you know where you are going yourself? How can your worship leading be effective when you have no idea where you are going?  This podcast is an excellent and very challenging look at how you lead people in worship, where you want to go and ultimately, the important question, how do you actually get there?

As the team discusses, your worship leading is not just a matter of choosing a few songs and belting them out.  When you lead worship, you should have a definite place in mind as to where the Lord wants you to lead your congregation.  If you know where it is that the Lord is leading you that service, you can then set about finding the best and most effective way to get there.

So settle back and listen to today’s worship leader podcast, and start asking the relevant question, “Do I know where I am going when it comes to worship leading?” Then, when you have clarity as to where your worship leading is headed, you can set course for taking your precious people right into the throne room of God when they worship.

These important and life-changing questions are answered in this week’s worship leader podcast…

About Darin

Ps Darin Browne is an international worship leader and singer/songwriter who loves teaching praise and worship leading and encouraging worship leaders around the world.

3 Responses to “291- Your Worship Leading… The Road to Nowhere?”

  1. Sarah

    Thankyou so much for this podcast. I have actually been thinking of the progress of worship from beginning to end and my theory is exactly what you said. Starting off with self and finishing off about only God. This is a confirmation of what I was thinking. Coz when you think of it, people come in with all sorts on their mind and they are bringing it to God so we acknowledge that we all have something to bring to the father, all our weights and all, when we lay it at his feet, then we surrender to him and lift our eyes and hands to him as our Lord and saviour giving him reverence in worship concentrating on who he is alone. Thankyou so much! I really was dancing all the way through. God bless you both. All your podcasts speak to me in soooooo many ways , I truly appreciate you both you really have a true heart of worship ministry. God bless your gifts🙏🏿


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