Building a worship band is not a simple task, but we all want to build it God’s way, not in human effort, right?

Build Your Own Worship Band

Like the famous “build a bear” stores, where you can go and design your teddy bear exactly as you like it, with a worship band you have the opportunity to build what you like.  However, regardless of your talent or musical preference, you surely want to build a worship band the way that God wants, rather than according to your own preferences and desires.

And that’s what this podcast is all about… building the right worship band in the right way, and just as God gave very specific instructions about the construction of the temple, He also has some pretty awesome ideas about building a worship band that glorifies Him, not themselves… and not you!

And this, after all, is where many worship leaders go wrong!  They love music, their style of music, so inevitably they build a band that reflects the type of music they love to listen to. If you like we build the band in our image.  But I do not believe that this is what the Lord wants!  He wants a band built for worship that is in His image, just as He wants us to build ourselves in the Image of His Son!

So if you want to build your worship team into a solid, cohesive and anointed band, listen to this week’s podcast and learn just how you can build something incredible in your church!

And what’s even better is that we will teach you how to build your worship team the right way, maintaining harmony and developing a chemistry between the members that will really excite your church and pastor. So if you really want to build the best worship band, listen and absorb the collective wisdom fo Darin and Erick on this one…

About Darin

Ps Darin Browne is an international worship leader and singer/songwriter who loves teaching praise and worship leading and encouraging worship leaders around the world.