278- Worship Team Patience

Worship Team Patience is something we all need if we are leading a worship team.
In fact, we need it in every aspect of our lives, not just leading a worship team!

What is Worship Team Patience?

Worship team patience is sorely tested in your ministry for a variety of reasons.
It might be a poor attitude, the inability to play or sing something or it could be just a personality clash, whatever the cause, we need to have patience with the people on our worship team.
And if you fail to have patience with your worship team, it is going to be a huge setback for you in your worship leading ministry.  Why is that?  Because the whole team, and indeed the entire church, are looking at you.
And no one can see the frustration that has given rise to your impatience, either, they just see the result and think, “Man, we need some worship team patience happening in this church, because nobody is perfect, right?”

So when you are spending way too long trying to teach somebody a new song, trying to get someone to sing a note in a particular way, or trying to get someone to play what you consider to be a simple lick, you’re going to need worship team patience!

When you are dealing with people’s bad attitudes or trying to settle a conflict between your team members, you are going to need patience also!

Whatever you are doing in leadership, patience is a virtue that carries a lot of WAIT!

This podcast highlights the areas where your patience may be sorely tested and helps you deal with those situations in a way that is gracious, godly and worthy of true leadership.

If you are leading a worship team, patience is not only needed it is required, because whatever you do is being watched by somebody.

Having patience with your team builds unity and enables you to minister more effectively because the Lord blesses unity (Psalm 133).

I know that worship leaders the world over have their patience tested week by week by the members of their worship team. If you can learn to be patient but strong, you will enhance your leadership abilities and hence enhance your ability to lead worship in church.

That’s why this pod cast is an important part of the growth that you as a leader need to face and need to do well at.

About Darin

Ps Darin Browne is an international worship leader and singer/songwriter who loves teaching praise and worship leading and encouraging worship leaders around the world.

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