274- Defusing Worship Leader Pride

Defusing worship leader pride is never an easy thing, and worship leaders can be among the worst at doing this.

Defusing Worship Leader Pride  Before it Becomes a Problem…

Worship leader pride is like any other form of pride, and it can come before a fall!

That’s what this podcast is all about… We don’t when she was a worship leader to fall victim of difficulties with pride, and if you do so it comes out in a variety of ways, many of which you are not even aware of.

And trust me, if Satan can use your feelings of pride to derail the effectiveness of your worship leader ministry he will definitely do so. That’s whites important for all of us involved in upfront ministry, and especially

So settle back and relax and listen to this week’s podcast with an open mind, and an open heart, ready for the Lord has to challenge you in the area of pride in your ministry.

Pride seems to be something that accompanies any upfront ministry, and because it can be an extremely destructive and volatile sin, defusing pride is an essential part of becoming a successful worship leader, as this podcast explores…