We all face unnecessary distractions in worship leading, but how do you deal with those unnecessary distractions, and how do you minimise them when you are trying to lead worship in your church?.

After a couple of weeks off and what I consider to be a well-earned holiday, full of wonderful distractions and worship leading, we are back on deck for the podcast dealing with the big questions, and trying not to get distracted by them!

When you are leading worship, there are any number of distractions that people face the can drag them away from connecting with God. The big question is, how do you minimise these distractions in worship leading, without sounding aggressive or heavy-handed.

Sure, you could ask everybody to turn off their cell phones and that will reduce distractions, but there are many other things that can adversely affect your worship leading.

So find some time to concentrate, sit down and enjoy this worship leader podcast. Make sure that you are not distracted, or you will be completely negating any good that you are doing by listening to the podcast in the first place!!!

This invaluable information is explored in this week’s exciting worship leader podcast…

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