Don’t give up worship leading!

Worship leader, this is a special podcast to encourage you.  All of us experience times when we want to throw in the towel and give up worship leading, but that is not the time when you should be making a huge decision.

We all get tired, down and even overwhelmed at times, and the devil uses this to discourage us in our chosen ministry.  We all get

We all get criticized at times, but we need to learn how to keep the main thing as the main thing, and how to let the Lord pick us up and inspire us.

It’s time to stop viewing set backs as failures, and start seeing a set back as a set up for a comeback!

Don’t Give Up Worship Leading because of what others say or do!

So be encouraged, worship leading is a calling that is without repentance, and it’s also one of the greatest and most fun callings in the world.  And after all, it lasts for eternity!  We won’t need preachers, evangelists, teachers or apostles in Heaven, but we will still have a job!

So, now is not the time to quit, so don’t give up as a worship leader before you listen to this encouraging and uplifting podcast. We all go through stages in life, and in ministry, and the team explore your calling as a worship leader, the discouragements that come your way and a host of other things to consider if you are discouraged.

So, don’t give up worship leading, and don’t give up listening to this podcast!

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About Darin

Ps Darin Browne is an international worship leader and singer/songwriter who loves teaching praise and worship leading and encouraging worship leaders around the world.