Prepared worship often takes criticism for not being Spirit led, but in this pod we ask the big question, is there a place for both prepared worship leading and spirit led worship leading, and can one lead to the other?

Some worship leaders think that Spirit led worship needs to not be prepared at all, and they take a laisez faire, “anything could happen and it probably will” approach.  Or on the other end of the scale, some worship leaders are so prepared they have everything organized down to the number of choruses, repeats or verses, and they also pre-arrange spontaneous free worship!

In this podcast, we have a look at both of these extremes, and carfeully examine where we should be as worship leaders.  We would argue that we need both preparation and also the ability to be free and Spirit led, and reveal our secrets on how to obtain the balance we are all looking for in our worship leading.

All is revealed in this week’s worship leader podcast!

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About Darin

Ps Darin Browne is an international worship leader and singer/songwriter who loves teaching praise and worship leading and encouraging worship leaders around the world.