240- All About Free Worship

Free worship is an area that can be controversial, but can also be a beautiful part of  praise and worship leading.

But Many Churches Avoid Free Worship!

OK, I will be he first to admit that I have heard some pretty poor free worship in my time, and often it is forced, far from Spirit led and sees the congregation just checking their cell phones or staring at the band while the band does their thing!

Yet free worship can be effective worship, and it can lead your people to a place of worship they would never reach without it. It occurs when the congregation starts to sing their own song, and it can be anywhere from incredibly beautiful and anointed to forced and horrible!

How can you make free worship a part of your church worship?

So how can you take what is often forced and horrible and make it into something that’s inspiring and incredible? Well, all the secrets will be revealed on today’s worship leader podcast!

free worshipAnd those of you who are in more conservative churches, please don’t just switch off!  There’s loads of great information here for you also, and you can learn how to explore the introduction of simple, short and effective free worship, and let the Lord gradually allow your congregation to free their worship up!

This podcast is about how you can lead free worship effectively, even in a conservative congregation, and how to follow the Lord as you lead worship.  That’s right, you can even lead his stuff in a conservative church, if you do it subtly and with humility and grace (I know because I’ve done it myself before!)

It’s all happening on the worship leader podcast this week, so settle back and grab a coffee and listen to the boys…

About Darin

Ps Darin Browne is an international worship leader and singer/songwriter who loves teaching praise and worship leading and encouraging worship leaders around the world.