When you are worship leading for the first time , you can be overwhelmed by what you think is required.

So many songs to choose from, and limited time.  So which ones are going to be awesome and which are going going to bomb out? how can I know, how can I blend songs together, and if I am nervous because I am worship leading for the first time, how can I possibly lead people with confidence given that I myself am struggling to be confident.

You may have been watching others leading worship for the first time and seen them struggle, but hey, it’s your turn and now the pressure is on, right?

Worship Leading for the first time can be Daunting!

Well, the pod team have put together simple, easy to follow and easy to implement  tips which will make your first leading of worship a huge success.  We have discovered after being involved for many years, that there are certain things you can do that are simple, yet they can make worship leading for the first time a real success.

So even if you have been leading worship for a while, going back over these concepts and realigning the way you lead worship could see a real increase in your anointing and your effectiveness as you lead worship.

So worship leader, please don’t blunder into your first service and try and sound like a seasoned professional!  Step back, listen to our advice, keep things simple and trust God to do something amazing, rather than faking it.  He specialised in making the weak strong, and the poor rich, and the humble great!

So if you are facing

worship leading for the first time

, or even if you have done it a lot before, this podcast will speak to you and realign what you do!

And if you are worship leading for the first time, you’ve got to hear this podcast…

About Darin

Ps Darin Browne is an international worship leader and singer/songwriter who loves teaching praise and worship leading and encouraging worship leaders around the world.