Arranging worship songs is challenge even for a season worship leader. In fact, arranging any songs is always going to be a challenge, and something that you can never stop learning about or becoming better at.

Today’s podcast is about arranging worship songs in a way that is not only attractive, interesting and challenging for the team but also acceptable across all age groups in generations and above all, anointed!

Arranging Worship Songs adds to Your Worship Leading

It is often easier for worship leaders to get off on their own little tangent, arranging songs in the way that they feel comfortable while ignoring the needs of the church and of the people who are listening. It’s no good arranging songs in a way that makes them unattractive to your congregations. This is not only foolish, it is counter-productive!

So is there an art or a knack to arranging worship songs, and is this different to arranging songs in other places?

We think it is! When you are arranging worship songs, you are not only trying to produce a good sound or attempting to make the song clever, but you are setting the stage for people to enter into deeper and more fulfilling worship. When it comes to worship songs, arranging them is often about open a spiritual dimension of the songs rather than the physical playing and singing of tunes.

Arranging praise and worship songs has an added dimension compared to other song arrangements, and that’s what this podcast is exploring. We will show you how you can achieve this even if you only have a few instruments in your worship team.  We can make arranging your worship team easy and effective, and make arranging worship songs more anointed, less troublesome and just a whole heap more fun!

So settle back, relax and enjoy today’s worship leader podcast, and learn how arranging your worship songs in the right way can power your worship leading!

About Darin

Ps Darin Browne is an international worship leader and singer/songwriter who loves teaching praise and worship leading and encouraging worship leaders around the world.