self promotionThis week’s praise and worship leader podcast deals with a very touchy subject… The sin of self-promotion.

Now, being worship leaders, musicians and singers, none of us is immune from blowing our own trumpet and promoting ourselves, our talents and abilities. I am not accusing anybody, but I’m thinking also of myself, because part of the ability to perform and present well involves some degree of promoting your skills and abilities.

However if we want to become great in God’s kingdom we need to learn to be the servants of all, and this applies to praise and worship leaders is much as it applies to anybody.

So today’s podcast deals specifically with the times when promoting yourself goes beyond confidence and enters into the realm of sin. It is very revealing, completely honest and definitely something each and every praise and worship leader needs to listen to and think about.

In this praise and worship leader podcast we will also reveal the surefire way you can have real success and grow your Ministry without promoting yourself (and yes, this is actually possible!).

This information about growing your ministry is absolutely reliable, and I know because I have personally done this and seen my ministry explode on an international level, so if you want to know how to grow your Ministry within your own church, or even in a greater sphere than that, you really need to click below and listen to this entire podcast…

And don’t forget, no matter who you are and what level of worship leading you are involved in, training will be a huge asset to you.

About Darin

Ps Darin Browne is an international worship leader and singer/songwriter who loves teaching praise and worship leading and encouraging worship leaders around the world.

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