Dealing with High Emotions in the Worship Team is never easy, but this 12 minutes for worship leaders podcast could really help.

High Emotions in the Worship Team can Kill Unity

Let’s face it, musicians and singers can be people of high emotions at times.  They are passionate, they are gifted, and frankly they are often intolerant of others, especially is others are less gifted than they are!

High emotions in the worship team, especially if you have gifted people, is almost par for the course.  We get so passionate about our craft, about our songs, our arrangements, our gifts.

But as you will discover when you listen to this 12 minutes for worship leaders podcast, no amount of gifting, no amount of talent justifies the poor treatment of other team members.

So many singers and musicians consider themselves gifted and look down upon others who seem to be less gifted that they are.  Thing is, Jesus did not call us to be gifted, He called us to be servants.  No matter your gifting, no matter how talented you might be, there is no excuse for treating people badly.

Unity, after all, should be the central part of our worship team. But high emotions, things like anger and frustration, are used by the enemy to ruin unity.  And there is nothing like music to make emotions run high, and to quickly and effectively destroy unity!

Most worship leaders, in fact, all worship leaders, are going to have to deal with this at some time!  So, do not be surprised by the high emotions in the worship team that threatens to disrupt what God is doing. Listen to this podcast, learn how to deal with the problems ahead of time, detect and meet the high emotions and potentially save your worship team and the unity your team needs to be truly effective leading worship…

About Darin

Ps Darin Browne is an international worship leader and singer/songwriter who loves teaching praise and worship leading and encouraging worship leaders around the world.