141- Keeping Worship Real

Worship RealThis worship leader podcast might slay a few Holy Cows!  I could not tell you the number of times I have seen worship leaders “faking” deep, anointed worship, and in fairness it is usually that they want God to move so badly they try and “whip it up.”  But how can we fake something that is real, tangible and life-changing and still expect the Lord to transform our worship?

This Worship Leader Podcast is About Things You Can do Which Will Help You in Keeping Worship Real!

It starts in your own quiet place with God, and from there you can safeguard the integrity of what you do, while still expecting the Lord to move powerfully on your congregation.  Why fake something so precious and special, and if you have really experienced the Holy Spirit leading your people, how can we try and make it happen and fake it ’til we make it?

This might be a controversial podcast, but I believe that every worship leader needs to listen to this with an open mind, and commit themselves to listening to and following the Lord Himself, not expectations, our own desires, accolades or anything else.  This may not apply to you, but the least you can do is listen with an open heart and ask God if what you are doing pleases Him.

Are you keeping worship real, or faking it until you make it?

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Ps Darin Browne is an international worship leader and singer/songwriter who loves teaching praise and worship leading and encouraging worship leaders around the world.