134- Worship Leader Rock Stars

Rock Star Worship leaderWe have all seen worship leader rock stars, and maybe we have ventured down that road ourselves!  This worship leader podcast is about whether you can be a rock star and a worship leader, which we might as well frame as the question, “Can you be a rock star and a servant at the same time!


Seems that there is a type of personality that loves to be loved on the stage, but there is a not so fine line between being a star and being a servant.  You can tell worship leader rock stars by the way they walk, the way they talk, their dress, their swagger and the style with which they lead.  Most often there is an arrogance which is entirely removed from the humble servant, and that is one of the issues we discuss this week on the worship leader podcast!


So sit back, grab a nice cup of tea and relax while the team challenges and entertains you, and maybe even make you laugh a little… we might even see an old friend popping in, so click below and join in the fun…



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