129- Intimacy in Your Worship Leading

intimacy in your worshipHow can you find real intimacy in worship leading, and how can you then lead your congregation deeper into this experience?  This week’s worship leader podcast deals with the question of how you can discover a real sense of intimacy in and through your own worship leading.


We all want to be more intimate with the Lord, don’t we?  We all long to be able to lead our people closer to Him.  But all of our good intentions and desires can frequently, indeed usually, fall short of where  we want to be in leading people closer to God.


Today’s pod looks at real, genuine and positive ideas as to how you can obtains that level of intimacy in worship leading that is life changing and mind-blowingly powerful!  Check it out now, examine how you are leading your worship times and let your own experience as well as that of your congregation be more and more intimate!

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